Monday, September 17, 2012


Today is "Visible Monday", and while my outfit is not particularly visible, I mean, all black is, well, all black. But that's the dress code for my new job. I haven't worked full time for 25 years. And by full time, I mean at a place where they give you a paycheck. I thoroughly realize and agree that being stay at home mom is really a 24/7 kind of job. But one sadly lacking in a paycheck. At least the kind of paycheck that you can deposit in a bank. So, the day one is done, and I'm exhausted. And just like those marvelous first day of school photos that you take of your kids, I got Roland to take a "first day of work" photo.

 I expect this is how I'll look most Mondays now, but I'll still try to participate on Visible Mondays, but to avoid the appearance of a complete lack of wardrobe creativity on my part, I'll just have to record some pics on other days. And trust me, my post work outfit is not fit for publication.

Have a great week! I've been reading a couple of great books, and will share some reviews in the coming days.

xoxo, Ellen


  1. Ellen, thanks for sharing your work look with Visible Monday - and yes, you can definitely be Visible in black! You look very professional and well-put-together. Best wishes on your new job!

  2. You look fab Elle, but you always do! At least the all black dress code should minimize potential "what will I wear today" situations! Pretty cool that you can wear any color shoes --- sounds like a perfect excuse to shop for some colorful footwear :D!