Monday, September 3, 2012

Visible Monday: It's a Start!

Well, one of the surefire ways to become uninvisible is to just get out there and be Visible, right?! Patti, of Not Dead Yet Style has this great way to let those of us who might, ahem, be not in our 20's anymore, but, hey, we ain't dead yet(!), showcase our style. Get ready. I'm in! OK, truthfully, I was going to wait until next week because today is a holiday and blah, blah, blah. I'll fill you in on my excuse addiction another time, but for the record, I'm possibly the Queen of Excuses on why I can't do stuff. Yep.

Without further adieu (and angst):

Dress: Ann Taylor from a couple of years ago
Shoes: Sofft (from last year)

I love this dress because it's a knit, so super comfy, but the print gives it a little dressier look (and also hides some lumps and bumps). You can't see it very well in the picture, but there is also a self fabric belt that is sewn into the side seams (love) that also hides enhances the silhouette.

Where did I wear it? Roland and I went out to lunch (Egg Harbor Cafe, Sandy Springs, GA), then over to Whole Foods. Got some salmon burgers for grilling tonight, but since we are both only semi-employed, Labor Day isn't all that for us right now. You know, as a holiday to especially celebrate. For us. If you're out there laboring, then, I think honoring your hard work is important.

By the way, did you know that Labor Day first became a federal holiday in 1894, and was primarily labor union oriented. Times have certainly changed now, and it seems more now to be a symbolic end of summer.

So the question is: Do you stop wearing white after Labor Day?


  1. I admire you for showing up in Visible Monday! I only found out it existed a couple of days ago. I'll have to think about it a lot longer before I venture out. Cute dress, of course.

  2. Welcome to Visible Monday, Ellen! You look terrific in your black-and-white knit dress (I have a couple of them too). Congrats for deciding to be more visible, you deserve it. And no, I don't stop wearing white after Labor Day, but maybe my vote shouldn't count b/c I live in Florida : >

  3. You look very pretty in this dress. It's something I could see myself wearing. Oh and you really should stop shopping at Whole Paycheck, I mean Foods and stop by Trader Joe's (hubby's place of work). ;) Robyn

  4. Hi Ellen!
    Another Georgian! Yay!
    I love your dress! Ann Taylor is one of my favorite shops!
    I DO wear white after Labor Day! Who's gonna stop me? :D

  5. Oh I love that dress. It's wonderful. Umm - I wear white tees all year long. So, yes, I wear white after Labor Day. And why shouldn't you look fabulous to go to brunch and shopping? Gonna check out your link. g