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You've stumbled on this blog, or maybe you came here specifically, but really, you want to know what this Project:Uninvisible is all about.

First, if you want to keep up with all the news, it's kind of hard to type uninvisible. Even for me. I know. It's not even a word. Why didn't I just call it Project:Visible?

For most of my life, I've felt invisible. And, for me, the process of becoming more visible, in both literal and metaphorical ways, is to go from feeling invisible to UNinvisible. This is serious! And by serious, I mean, it's incredibly important for me, but I want to have some fun, too, and not take this whole experiment too seriously.

I'll be disclosing lots of stuff about myself that I'm pretty sure that some of the people closest to me have no idea about, so follow, subscribe, check back now and then. Join in the Project!

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